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Sinclair Spectrum
Amstrad CPC (1985)
Commodore 64 (1985)

The video game based on the legendary TV series puts you in control of a flying machine with guns. But, will it bomb?

If the Spring of 1985 didn't involve me being glued to the TV watching Robin of Sherwood, Terrahawks or Cheers, then it's guaranteed that I was being mesmerised by either one of the vehicular holy trinity composed of Knight Rider, Street Hawk and, of course, Airwolf.

The video game based on the Airwolf TV series had just been released a few months earlier, riding high on the coattails of the adventures of the sullen Stringfellow Hawke, chipper Dom Santini and season two recruit, Caitlin O'Shannessy.

Airwolf attracted a massive following and not just because a legion of fans needed to learn the cello. Its powerhouse theme tune, the strikingly speedy and gorgeous two-toned helicopter, abject peril from each and every direction; it had all the makings to be converted into a sensational videogame. Alas, history tells us differently!

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