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Batman: The Movie Multi Action Adventure 81%
Bruce Lee Multi Platform 82%
Dan Dare Multi Action Adventure 62%
Elite Multi Space Trading 96%
Gauntlet Multi Hack 'n' Slash 93%
Get Dexter Amstrad Isometric 3D 91%
Ghosts 'n Goblins Multi Platform 53%
Gryzor Multi Run and Gun 72%
Horace Goes Skiing Multi Action 27%
Impossible Mission Multi Platform 95%
Jet Set Willy Multi Platform 49%
Last V8, The Multi Racing 25%
Menace Commodore Side-scrolling shooter 52%
Out Run Multi Driving 28%
Raid Over Moscow Multi Action 70%
Roland on the Ropes Amstrad Platform 67%
Rolling Thunder Multi Shoot 'em up 74%
Sorcery Multi Arcade Adventure 90%
Way of the Exploding Fist Multi Fighting 87%
Winter Games Multi Sports 69%