"Putting it all into retrospective!"


F - K



You've chosen to be one of four characters in a quest to rid level after level of monsters, wizards, grunts and ghosts. Do you have what it takes to survive the advancing hordes of demonic entities baying for your blood?

Ghosts 'n Goblins

You're a noble knight proceeding to exterminate the Devil's children at night, whilst on a quest to save your fair maiden. Only you have the absolute gall to kill a ghoul en route to achieving your goal.


You've landed yourself the Yorkie bar of all tasks by proving your hulking manliness, taking down a motherload of enemies in a remote jungle, and encountering strange beings from outer space.


Horace Goes Skiing

It's time to take Horace out on a skiing adventure that'll make his hair stand up.


Impossible Mission

Taking on the role of a super-spy who's wonderfully adept at tumbling over robots, can you solve the puzzle that's key to interrupting the evil Professor Atombender's plans?


Jet Set Willy

Your housemaid is most annoyed that you've left the mansion in a dreadful mess after one humdinger of a party. She's made your bed, but you can't lie in it!