"Putting it all into retrospective!"


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Batman: The Movie

Leaving Robin behind to catch up on the paperwork, no doubt, it's up to everyone's favourite nocturnal hero to capture the Joker by hook or by... crook!

Bruce Lee

You're the legend that is Bruce Lee, the most complete martial artist who's ever lived. No you're not, seriously - you must get over it! Take on such deadly foes as the ninja and the Yamo (yeah, I don't know either!), before defeating the big boss.


Dan Dare

You're the unflappable Dan Dare on a brave and risky mission to defeat the dastardly fiendish and creepily big-headed Mekon, but who will win this battle of the minds?



It's down to you to work your way up the ranks from harmless to elite in this epic space trading game. Pilot your way through 8 galaxies whilst defeating other craft and earning bounty money to upgrade your ship and your status.